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Balanced Scorecards with SAP SEM

Prosser A., Auer J., Kellermann S.,
Wiener Universitätsverlag, Wien, 2005
WUV 2005. 136 pages. soft cover
EUR 13,-
ISBN: 3-85114-908-4
Published May 2005

The implementation of a Balanced Scorecard in SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) shown in a realistic case study from the automotive industry covering Data Warehouse fundamentals, scorecard design, implementation and analysis .


Balanced Scorecards have developed into a main management tool for analysing the inter-dependencies between the functional areas of a business organisation. Using SAPTM Strategic Enterprise Management this book serves as a companion to a practical lecture on how to implement a Balanced Scorecard in an IT system. Students create the underlying Data Warehouse structures, define the key figures and their inter-dependencies, build the Scorecard system and analyse it in a realistic case study.

A host of free, Web-based materials may be used in conjunction with this book, is available in the Courses section. The material includes transparencies for classroom use and a case study with data for student projects.

The intended audience of this book are students of business administration and applied computing science, consultants and teachers. But also practitioners in financial and management accounting will find this book useful as it provides an overview of how to implement an important management method in an IT system.

The Authors

Alexander Prosser is Associate Professor at the Department of Production Management at the University of Economics and Business Administration.

Josef Auer is consultant at SCC EDV-Beratung AG, Vienna.

Sarah Kellermann is a consultant at Frontworx Informationstechnologie AG, Vienna.