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Prosser, A., Bagnato, D., Müller-Török, R.
Integration Management with SAP ECC, 3rd Ed.
Facultas Verlag, Vienna, 2017

The implementation of SAP ECC in a hands-on, comprehensive case study. This book is intended to serve as a companion to SAP® ECC-based lectures covering cost accounting, materials management and production planning/MRP.

Prosser, A., Ossimitz, M.-L.

Data Warehouse Management Using SAP BW

UTB für Wissenschaft, Wien, 2001

The book was designed as a textbook as well as an industry-relevant introduction for practitioners to demonstrate the design and implementation process of a data warehouse in its entirety. It consists of two parts, one of which deals with the design methods and the other with the implementation process using a leading product, SAP® Business Information Warehouse (BW).

Prosser, A., Auer, J., Kellermann, S.
Balanced Scorecards with SAP Strategic Enterprise Management
WUV Universitätsverlag, Wien, 2005

The implementation of a Balanced Scorecard in SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) shown in a realistic case study from the automotive industry covering Data Warehouse fundamentals, scorecard design, implementation and analysis.