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How to Deal with Resources

As a student, you can expect WU to

  • offer the best possible study conditions that support and enhance teaching, learning, research activities, and working in general. At the same time, WU's campus is a place for you to spend and enjoy time with fellow students not only inside the classroom but also outside of the classroom.

  • strive to continuously improve and expand our infrastructure and services for you. Please note that we rely on your feedback (e.g. Message4WU) and your cooperation in this regard.

As a student, WU expects you to

  • treat WU facilities and resources with care: not only auditoriums, IT equipment, and  library resources but also immaterial resources like the limited places available in the library, in independent study areas and in courses.

  • be considerate of your colleagues when using the infrastructure. Do not block self-study places. Return borrowed books in good condition. Please be especially considerate of students with disabilities.

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