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What we can expect from each other

WU Vienna is a place of learning, teaching and research. These activities are almost always interactive; depending on the stage of their studies, students are involved in the various processes in different ways and to varying degrees. Although the roles of the people involved may be different, both sides – WU faculty and staff as well as students - contribute to the success of teaching, learning and research at WU.

It’s important to know what expectations we have of each other: What do students expect from WU and its faculty and staff? And what does WU expect of its students? The demands made by both sides have to be reasonable and fair.

The expectations set down on the following pages are the result of numerous discussions with students and WU faculty and staff. They are a clear statement of what we all have a right to expect from each other. The fulfillment of these expectations depends on a certain way of behavior and certain attitudes in the way we treat each other. In this sense, the following pages should be read as a code of conduct for all of us at WU.

All the expectations presented on the following pages are fair, legitimate and reasonable. If we@wu all work to fulfill this social contract, studying, learning, teaching and research at WU will be successful and a positive experience for everyone. Along these lines, we are looking forward to accompanying you during your studies at WU and wish you good luck!

Margarethe Rammerstorfer

Vice-Rector for Academic Programs and Student Affairs

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How we treat each other