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How we treat each other

As a student, you can expect WU to

  •  treat you with respect and tolerance.

  • take your concerns seriously and provide help and support in case of discrimination.

  • treat you like an adult: You are a member of this university. We will try to make this apparent in all our dealings with you, be it in class or during your exams or in direct contact with WU faculty and staff.

  • support you in case you suffer any kind of discrimination (by an institution or member of WU).

As a student, WU expects you to 

  • respect your colleagues and WU staff. This comprises openness in personal contacts as well as helpfulness and fairness in cooperations.

  • pursue your studies with interest and enthusiasm. As a member of WU, you are an active participant in university life, both as part of your studies and in extracurricular activities.

  • take your studies seriously and show this in your behavior. Your own initiative and commitment are important factors for the success of your studies.

  • take care to avoid any kind of discrimination of WU members and to contribute actively to disclosing existing discriminations.

Further information

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Committee for Equal Treatment

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