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WU will make sure that

  • sufficient space and seating is available for all exams, particularly large-scale exams. All students who sign up for an exam during the appropriate registration period are guaranteed a definite place for the exam.

  • exam dates for all courses in the introductory phase are coordinated with track schedules, to avoid conflicts with other introductory phase exams.

  • students are informed of exam procedures (duration, how and when to hand in work, which additional resources are permitted and which are not, etc.) before the exam.

  • all examinations will be conducted according to the regulations. This implies that at least one competent person is available during the exam, sufficient exam papers are prepared, order is ensured, etc.

  • students are notified of the relevant subject matter in advance, and that the subject matter reflects the material presented in the respective course.

  • in case it is necessary because of a proved handicap, an alternative method of examination will be organized or the time you have to write the exam will be extended. At WU, a disability commissioner is the contact person for all students with special needs.

In return, WU asks that you

  • sign up for exams within the given registration periods. It is not possible to sign up for exams after expiration of the registration period.

  • de-register for exams you have signed up for in time if you decide not to take them. You can withdraw from an exam throughout the registration period.

  • make sure you know when and where the exams will be held and arrive ideally about 15 minutes before the exam is scheduled to begin. If you arrive too late, you may be excluded from the exam. Not only that, late-comers also disturb students already taking the test.

  • put away your learning materials and any unauthorized resources so that you will not be suspected of using them to cheat and do not use any unautorized resources during the exams.

  • make sure that your behavior during the exam does not disturb your fellow students. After all, you expect to be allowed to work in peace as well.

  • make yourself familiar with the internal regulations regarding the behavior in exam situations and the consequences in case of misbehavior. Lack of knowledge does not protect you against penalty. There will be no tolerance!

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