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Campus Life

There is much more to studying at WU than just classwork and studying. As a student, you spend a substantial part of your time on campus, both inside and outside the classroom. Thanks to its innovative architecture and its location next to Prater Park, Campus WU combines both nature and urban flair, providing an attractive space for both your academic work and leisure. All work and no play? Not on Campus WU.

Campus Grounds

If you take a stroll across campus, you’ll immediately notice that the wellbeing of students and employees is an important priority on Campus WU. The open spaces between the various buildings create a park-like environment with pathways and squares, lawns, reflecting pools, and numerous places to sit down and relax. If you enter Campus WU from the west, right opposite the Executive Academy building you’ll be greeted by a wavy landscape with soft, green flooring, ideal for sitting or lying down.

  • WU Relaxation Zone: An elevated platform overlooking a large reflecting pool, equipped with unique concrete furniture making this a great place to sit down, take a break, and unwind. The open spaces on the wheelchair-accessible platform are ideal for enjoying the sun.

  • WU Stage: The central square where all paths across Campus WU intersect is known as the WU Stage. You can sit down on the stairs and the grandstand and enjoy a great view of the busy to-and-fro on campus.

The area right in front of the Teaching Center is characterized by the stairs and platforms on multiple levels, offering plenty of attractive spots where you can enjoy a break. A broad stairway leads up to the roof of the Mensa cafeteria with a pleasant outdoor area for independent study, where you can energize your gray cells with some fresh air.

The large square at the eastern end of Campus WU is flanked by wavy wooden structures intended to encourage students to sit down and chat before and after their courses. Lawns and flower beds provide attractive color accents and contribute to the welcoming atmosphere on Campus WU. A green belt of gingko trees marks the perimeter of the campus and the numerous additional trees scattered over the campus grounds provide shade and signal the passing of the seasons.

Dining on Campus

You can’t study on an empty stomach. There are plenty of places on Campus WU where you can grab a bite before, after, or between courses: From the Mensa cafeteria to small cafés, there’s something for everyone. There are also many attractive outside dining areas where you can enjoy your meal out in the open air in the summer.

For more information on dining options on Campus WU, please see:

Room for Events

Campus WU is also intended as a space for social, cultural, and political life. WU hosts many special events, talks, and panel discussions. With the Open Minds and Wirtschaft Wissenschaft Unplugged series of panel discussions, for instance, WU aims to offer the interested public insights into current economic, political, and social developments.

Campus WU is a popular venue for many small and large-scale conferences and events that bring together renowned international experts from the fields of business and economics. Our campus offers a range of attractive rooms for such events:


Ceremonial Hall 1
Ceremonial Hall 2
Club lounge
Executive Academy Foyer
Conference rooms

Library & Learning Center
Library & Learning Center
Library & Learning Center
Library & Learning Center
Executive Academy
Teaching Center
Teaching Center

seats 400
seats 200
seats 60
seats 550
seats 100
seats 20–80
seats 650
seats 60–180

Athletic Facilities

The nearby Prater Park offers plenty of opportunities for all kinds of athletic activities, but there is also a sports center located directly on Campus WU, run by the University Sports Institute (USI), consisting of the following facilities:

  • Gym for indoor sports

  • Fitness room

  • Aerobics room

The courses offered by the USI range from A for aerobics to Z for Zumba. For more information please see

In addition, there is also an outdoor basketball court between the WU Executive Academy building and the D4 building and several table tennis tables behind the D3 building.


The KIWI kindergarten on Campus WU is open to WU students, faculty, and staff. The kindergarten is located in a quiet part of the campus, on the ground floor of the D2 building, with views of the Prater Park, the Trabrennbahn racetrack, and the busy campus grounds.

Parking Garage

Long-term parking passes for using WU’s underground parking garage are available for € 80/month. The available parking spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in obtaining a long-term parking pass, please send an email to