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How We Treat Each Other in Digital Space

As a student, you can expect WU to

  • keep you up to date via various WU channels on topics relevant to your studies, the latest news about WU, activities, events and much more. At the same time, we offer you the opportunity to contribute your ideas and stories, and to actively engage with the WU community.

  • treat you with respect in all forms of digital communication, especially when there is a difference of opinion.

  • follow up on any form of disregard for our rules, set consequences and offer support to the WU members affected.

In return, we expect you to

  • actively participate in the university discourse and enrich it with your contributions and opinions. Our social media channels thrive on lively exchange and offer extensive opportunities to engage with others.

  • treat all members of the WU community with respect in any kind of online communication. We do not tolerate insults, disparagement, lewd remarks, slander and the like in the official WU channels or in any other interaction between members of WU - especially if it is anonymous.

  • contact us if you notice or become a victim of any abuses in communication within the WU community.

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