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Library Card & Access

You need a WU student ID card or a library card to enter the libraries and borrow materials.

Books, Periodicals, and Electronic Resources

The WU University Library's collection includes printed books and journals, eJournals, and eBooks. Please use the WU Catalog to perform searches of the University Library's holdings. The library also offers access to databases covering academic publications, statistical data, and industry, market, and company-specific information.

The WU University Library's collection of printed volumes is stored at two branch locations that focus on different topics and disciplines.

Please see our pages on borrowing items for more information on the rules and regulations governing the use and circulation of library materials.


Before entering the libraries, please store your jackets and bags in the lockers provided.

In the Reading Rooms

Smoking (including eCigarettes) and eating are prohibited in the user area of the WU University Library.

Any beverages brought into the library must be in resealable containers. Beverage containers must remain sealed at all times during transport and storage.

The use of mobile phones is allowed only in designated areas.

Study Areas

A total of 1,600 self-study workplaces are available in the Central Library. Different types of workplaces are available for different studying requirements. The library has quiet zones, areas for communication or group work, project rooms (online booking and room use for WU students only), and the Newslounge.

Break timer discs

If you take a break, please get a disc and set it to show the time when you left your workplace, then put it on the desk so that it’s clearly visible. Your workplace will remain reserved for a period of 60 minutes. If you’re not back after 60 minutes, other library users can put your books and items aside and take the workplace. Workplaces without break timer discs are also free for other library users to occupy.

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