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Structure & Content

The Master Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy is a full-time program which takes 4 semesters. Over the course of studies students acquire theory-based knowledge, methodological skills as well as the ability to apply these in an interdisciplinary context.

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(Optional) Bridging Courses

Each one-week course allows students to review basic material before beginning ther MSc studies.

2nd Semester – In-depth Knowledge

You deepen your knowledge of global challenges and socioeconomic theories and of basic methodology and become familiar with your two chosen concentration areas.

3rd Semester – Specialized Expertise

You advance quickly to specialized expertise and real-world applications. The main courses will be in the concentration areas and you will explore interdependencies between the subjects.

4th Semester – Synthesis

You develop and hone your research skills through a research seminar and writing your thesis.

Further Academic Information

Peer groups: In order to fully benefit from the diversity of students enrolled in the SEEP program, peer groups of 4-5 students with diverse backgrounds (in terms of academic discipline, nationality, gender and age) are established upon enrolment. These peer groups function as key learning units within some courses as well as beyond, and they help create self-organized teaching-learning settings. Peer groups are supported by our mentors and tutors and are meant to establish a culture of mutual learning and cooperation.

Tutoring and mentoring positions: Our students are actively supported by tutors, mentors, and our academic teaching staff. Tutors for first-year students are typically recruited from previous cohorts; second-year SEEP students are highly encouraged to apply for tutoring positions.

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