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MSc Economics is an internationally oriented, two-year Master's program taught in English. You can choose between an Applied Track and a Science Track, select your favourite areas of specialization and study for a semester at a renowned international partner university. The program provides students with a thorough understanding of economic theories and state-of-the art empirical methods, applying them to a broad range of policy and business topics.

Economists tend to be curious, data-hungry people who want to base complex decisions on solid empirical evidence. Hence our program websites provide lots of data you can explore for your application decision. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Guido Schäfer, Program Director, WU Master's Program Economics

Please note that teaching continues at WU despite COVID 19 without interruption.

WU is continuously planning to adapt teaching to the public health situation, depending upon the further development of the COVID-19 crisis. Elements of on-campus and distance learning supported by modern technology are flexibly used. The goal is to enable all WU students to progress with their studies irrespective of the public health situation.

You can find more information on teaching under COVID-19 here.

One Program, Two Tracks

The master's program is a two-year full-time program for students holding a bachelor's degree in economics or a related field. You can apply either for the Applied Track or the Science Track.

The Applied Track prepares students for careers in economic policy, society, and business. The Science Track is tailored to the needs of students pursuing a career in scientific research.

Opportunities and Choice

Our students care most about the big economic questions such as poverty, inequality, sustainable growth, globalisation, or economic freedom. The program caters to these interests by offering 11 areas of specialisation. Students can choose from such a broad range of subjects because WU is one of the biggest universities for economic education in Europe.

A Global Network of Renowned Partner Universities

WU has a strong network of international partner universities whose course offerings are flexibly integrated into our curriculum. The WU Economics Master's Program allows you to study (almost) any area you are interested in at some of the internationally most renowned academic institutions.

A Quality Degree with a Sterling Reputation in the Job Market

For many decades WU alumni have been taking top positions in business, government, and society. Hence employers in Europe and beyond appreciate the value of a WU degree. Our graduates pursue a broad range of careers as they have acquired the skills necessary to master many challenging tasks.

A Science Track for Aspiring Young Researchers

The Science Track at WU equips students with the necessary theoretical and methodological knowledge to pursue a career in scientific research. Internationally publishing professors closely interact with a small group of students to develop their skills. As a graduate you may take a research position, apply for a challenging international PhD program or use the fast-track option into the selective Economics Ph.D. Program at WU.

Experiencing Economics Beyond Academics in Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria and one of the biggest cities in the European Union. You find plenty of opportunities to get involved into economics as there are many international organizations, headquarters of international companies, Austrian governmental institutions, research institutes, think tanks, NGOs etc. Even the current head of state is an economist who has published in Econometrica.


Top ranked

The WU Department of Economics has consistently belonged to the top group of economic research institutions covered by the Handelsblattranking, the most authoritative research ranking for Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. In the most recent survey the WU Department of Economics was ranked number one in Austria.

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