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Living in Vienna

Vienna is consistently ranked the city with the world's highest quality of living according to Mercer's Quality of Living Ranking.


Studens can choose from various housing options in Vienna. Please note, WU has no on-campus dormitories or housing services. We have put together a detailed list of accommodation options to help you with your search.

Finding private accommodation can be difficult for international students so we recommend that you apply for a student dorm. All dorms work on a first come, first served basis, thus you should book a room as early as possible.

Living Costs

Life in Vienna is quite affordable, especially for a capital city.

approx. €450-650 per month
Health insurance
approx. €70 per month
Essentials (food, personal expenses)
approx. €300 per month
Public transportation
€75 per semester
Books, case studies
approx. €100 per semester
Utilities (phone, internet)
approx. €15-30 per month
approx. €50-150 per month
Student's Union dues
approx. €22 per semester

More information about living in Vienna is available on the webpage of WU's International Office

More information about tuition fees is available on WU's website.

Working in Vienna

WU's Career Center (ZBP) is the first place to go for any questions regarding  working in Austria.

  •  Job openings for students, graduates and young professionals

  •  Approx. 3,000 job vacancies per year

  •  Approx. 1,800 CV checks, coachings and career advice

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