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Q1. Do I need to be present in Vi­enna to at­tend the DIBT pro­gram or can it be com­pleted on­line?

Q2. I work full time in my coun­try of ori­gin, but I am very in­ter­ested in ap­ply­ing for DIBT. Can I com­plete any of the courses on­line or at week­ends?

Q3. I do not speak any Ger­man but I'm flu­ent in Eng­lish. Am I eli­gible?

Q4. My pre­vi­ous stud­ies have been in Eng­lish. Do I still need to sub­mit a cer­ti­fic­ate of pro­fi­ciency in Eng­lish?

Q5. When does the aca­demic year start?

Q6. Which doc­u­ments are re­quired to sub­mit an ap­plic­a­tion?

Q7. Where do I sub­mit my ap­plic­a­tion?

Q8. Can I sub­mit my ap­plic­a­tion be­fore com­plet­ing my mas­ter’s de­gree?

Q9. I have a mas­ter’s de­gree in “X”, can you please con­firm if I am eli­gible to ap­ply?

Q10. Where should the refer­ence let­ters be sent to?

Q11. When is the dead­line to sub­mit my ap­plic­a­tion?

Q12. How much is the tu­ition fee for the DIBT pro­gram?

Q13. I read on your web­site that you have some schol­ar­ships avail­able. What do I need to do to ap­ply for a schol­ar­ship?

Q14. On the ap­plic­a­tion form it says that I need to sub­mit an out­line of a po­ten­tial thesis topic. Is there any spe­cial format I should use?

Q15. Is there a list of DIBT re­search areas which I can choose from?