WU Gutmann Center Symposium 2017

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Library & Learning Center Festsaal 108:30 - 17:30

Art Konferenz/Tagung
Veranstalter Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics
Kontakt gutmann-center@wu.ac.at

We are proud to welcome highly renowned experts from all over the world who will present their state-of-t­he-art rese­arch in the field and cordi­ally invite you to attend the WU Gutmann Center Sympo­sium 2017.

The finan­cial crisis has revived the inte­rest in the role of finan­cial advice and in parti­cular the stan­dards that finan­cial advi­sors should be held to. While finan­cial advice is an essen­tial part of asset manage­ment, poli­cy-­ma­kers are concerned about conflicts of inte­rests between finan­cial advi­sors and their clients.

The WU Gutmann Sympo­sium 2017 addresses various aspects of finan­cial advice and asset manage­ment. The spea­kers shed light on the under­lying factors, inclu­ding beha­vioral aspects, and market struc­ture that influ­ence these conflicts of inte­rests and thereby the quality of finan­cial advice. In addi­tion, they high­light possible solu­tions to deal with the incen­tive problems.

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