What are the Costs of Violence?

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Library & Learning Center Festsaal 118.12.2018, 18:00WU matters. WU talks.

Art Vortrag/Diskussion
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A public lecture orga­nized by the Depart­ment of Econo­mics

If you follow the news, you cannot help but get the impres­sion that our world is an extre­mely violent place full of armed conflicts, terro­rist bomb attacks, and mass shoo­tings. Reading the head­lines, you might think that most human violence against other humans in our world takes the form of civil war, perhaps other lower­-­level armed conflicts, or terro­rist attacks. This lecture will take you behind the head­lines and suggest that the impres­sion you get from the news coverage is mislea­ding. Every year, the amount of violence resul­ting from civil war and terro­rism is dwarfed by inter­per­sonal violence - chiefly, homi­cide, assault, espe­cially assaults against women, and severe physical abuse of children. The resul­ting economic and social costs of inter­per­sonal violence are substan­ti­ally greater than those of civil war and terro­rism. In contrast, aid spen­ding on programs related to civil war violence and terro­rism is vastly greater than spen­ding on programs speci­fi­cally focused on redu­cing inter­per­sonal violence.


Dr. Anke Hoeffler, Rese­arch officer, at the Centre for the Study of African Econo­mies, Univer­sity of Oxford

Moderated by:

Univ.Prof. Dr. Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Head of the Insti­tute for Macro­eco­no­mics, WU

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