[UN]BLOCKED - Programming a Sustainable World

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien , Library & Learning Center Festsaal 1, Forum 09:00 - 18:00
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Veranstalter FI für Kryptoökonomie
Kontakt tatjana.novakovic@wu.ac.at

Blockchain for Sustainability Conference

Opening the Vienna Blockchain Week on April 1st, [UN]BLOCKED Conference will provide a space for everyone interested in learning more about how blockchain can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN. In the spirit of Blockchain, conference is permissionless aiming to act as the fertile ground for networking of all stakeholders (researchers, startups, policymakers, NGOs) bridging the gap between technology and sustainability experts.

Come by and interact with: 

12 speakers

16 initiatives

5 panelists

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© 2019 [ U N ] B L O C K E D

© 2019 [ U N ] B L O C K E D

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