Reducing Ethnocentricity in the Public Relations Body of Knowledge: A Program of research

Ort: Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien , Teaching Center TC..5.04 Startet am 21. November 2023 um 17:00
Art Vortrag
Veranstalter Abteilung Department of Business Communication

Culture has been neglected in PR and corporate communication research.

The theme of this presentation is that culture has been ignored by public relations/corporate communication scholarship. It discusses my 30-year program of research advocating the dire need to reduce ethnocentricity in the body of knowledge of the field. Contending that culture (societal and organizational) has been neglected by the field, it offers examples of studies from the program on the situational theory of publics as well as corporate social responsibility (CSR). The presentation concludes by offering the next steps in the program: incorporating culture (broadly defined) into scholarship in crisis communication.

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