Multimodal Critical Discourse Studies: What is it? What is it good for?

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Departments 2 D2 2.22813:00 - 16:00

Art Seminar/Workshop
Vortragende/rProf. Tommaso M. Milani (Gothenburg University)
Veranstalter Institut für Slawische Sprachen
Kontakt katharina.klingseis@wu.ac.at

It is the dynamic inter­play between verbal text, visual images, and other semiotic affor­dances (e.g. hyper­links) that will be brought under close scru­tiny in this work­shop. In order to do so, we will mainly draw upon Kress and van Leeuwen’s (2006) theory of visual design as well as Kress’s (2010) more recent work on multi­moda­lity and Jay Lemke’s (2002) notion of hyper­mo­da­lity. More speci­fi­cally, we will criti­cally review how this theo­re­tical appa­ratus has recently been applied to a broad range of topics, giving rise to what one could call a ‘multi­modal turn’ in socio­lin­gu­is­tics and discourse analysis.

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