Marketing Research Seminar Series

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Administration AD.0.09013:00 - 15:00

Art Vortrag/Diskussion
Vortragende/rUniv.Prof. Michael Trusov (U of Maryland)
Veranstalter Department Marketing
Kontakt lieselotte.aschenbrenner@wu.ac.at

Talk by Michael Trusov (U of Mary­land): Catching their eyes: contex­t-d­riven infor­ma­tion acqui­si­tion on search engines

ABSTRACT: The multi-­bil­lion dollar search engine marke­ting industry is all about gaining busi­nesses’ visi­bi­lity on search engine results pages (SERPs). On a micro level, listing’s ability to attract visual atten­tion is deter­mined by how consu­mers view SERPs, hence, is context specific. The paper deve­lops a model that describes this visual inspec­tion process by incor­po­ra­ting two core elements: consu­mers’ deci­sions of whether to scroll to bring addi­tional listings into view (sub-­screen choice) and what listings to inspect. The results show that the distance between sub-­screens, the scrol­ling direc­tion, the time and percen­tage of listings viewed on the sub-­screen drive consu­mers’ scrol­ling deci­sion. Intrinsic prefe­rence and low-­level features are predic­tive for the atten­tion shifts among listings at the early stages; yet their impact is surpassed by semantic infor­ma­tion as inspec­tion progresses: speci­fi­cally, tran­sac­tional content invites atten­tion while descrip­tive content discou­rages further inspec­tion. The proposed method help mana­gers to create “visi­bi­lity maps” of SERPs, which could be used to iden­tify visual compe­ti­tors, assess loca­tion perfor­mance, and diagnose problems in rank-­bid­ding stra­tegy.

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