Marketing Research Seminar Series

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Administration AD.0.09013:00 - 15:00

Art Vortrag/Diskussion
Veranstalter Department Marketing
Kontakt lieselotte.aschenbrenner@wu.ac.at

Talk by Cait Lamberton, Univer­sity of Pitts­burgh (US), "Stranger Danger: When and Why Consumer DyadsBehave Less Ethi­cally than Indi­vi­duals"

The „Rese­arch Seminar Series“ held by the WU’s Marke­ting Depart­ment helps to connect our Faculty with inter­na­tional scho­lars from the Marke­ting field. They are invited to present their latest rese­arch and discuss the current trends and deve­lop­ments in all major areas of marke­ting. The seminar is open to all WU facul­ties and students.

Abstract: While joint ethical viola­tions are fairly common in the market­place, work­place, sports teams, and academic settings, little rese­arch has studied such colla­bo­ra­tive wrong­do­ings. This work compares the joint ethical deci­sions of pairs of people (i.e., dyads) to those of indi­vi­dual deci­si­on-­ma­kers. Four expe­ri­ments conducted with real deci­si­on-­ma­king dyads across various ethical dilemmas demons­trate that dyads in which the part­ners do not share a social bond with each other behave less ethi­cally than indi­vi­duals do. The authors propose that this effect occurs because joint ethical viola­tions offer a means to soci­ally bond with others. In line with this theory, they demons­trate that the dyads’ sub-e­thi­ca­lity rela­tive to indi­vi­duals is atte­nuated (1) if the dyad part­ners esta­blish rapport prior to the joint deci­si­on-­ma­king, and (2) in deci­si­on-­ma­king contexts in which social bonding goals are less active (i.e., making a deci­sion with an out-group vs. in-group member). Taken toge­ther, this rese­arch provides novel theo­re­tical insights into the social aspects of unethical beha­vior and speci­fi­cally joint ethical deci­si­on-­ma­king, as well as raises inte­res­ting ques­tions for future rese­arch.

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