Marketing Research Seminar Series

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien , Teaching Center 3.08 13:00 - 15:00

Art Vortrag/Diskussion
Vortragende/rBram Van den Bergh, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)
Veranstalter Department Marketing
Kontakt christian.spadt@wu.ac.at

The „Research Seminar Series“ held by the WU’s Marketing Department helps to connect our Faculty with international scholars from the Marketing field. They are invited to present their latest research and discuss the current trends and developments in all major areas of marketing. The seminar is open to all WU faculties and students.

Targeting Donors: Increasing Fundraising Effectiveness by Providing Donors Opportunities to Target Their Charitable Gifts

What motivates donors to engage in charitable giving? We propose that providing donors with an opportunity to target their financial gift to a particular cause positively affects the total amount of money that is contributed to the charity. We find that coupling (i.e., associating suggested donation amounts with specific charitable causes) and unpacking (i.e., presenting charitable causes as separate vs. grouped) increases donation likelihood and donation amount in a large field experiment.

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