Fund of Excellence: Masterclass Startup

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Teaching Center TC.0.01 Erste Hörsaal04.12.2018, 16:00 - 05.12.2018, 21:00

Art Seminar/Workshop
Veranstalter Sonstige Erste Group - Fund of Excellence
Kontakt vanessa.racz@wu.ac.at

Get to know ever­y­thing about entre­pre­neurship, the daily busi­ness at star­tups and all the other important "how to's" for future foun­ders - at the Fund of Excel­lence Master­class.

All you need to kick start your company right now - with the Fund of Excel­lence Master­class:

Learn the WHOs HOWs WHENs and WHATs of star­ting a busi­ness in this compact and inten­sive class.

Get prac­tical know­ledge from first hand experts without waiting till it is going to be sche­duled in your study programme.

  • And the best part: It’s for free.

  • Where is the catch: Limited places.

Find out more about the event, the spea­kers and the agenda.

Get your ticket NOW at event­brite.com

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