Food Charity in Times of Crisis - Three Perspectives

Ort: Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien , Administration Sitzungssaal 6 am 30. November 2023 Startet um 16:00 Endet um 18:00
Art Vortrag/Diskussion
Vortragende/r Fabian Kessl (U Wuppertal), Hannah Lambie-Mumford (U Sheffield), Tiina Silvasti (U Jyväskylä)
Veranstalter Institut für Soziologie und Empirische Sozialforschung

Research Project "New Charity Economy and Affective Statehood"

Kick-Off-Event Research Project: "New Charity Economy and Affective Statehood" 

In recent years, political and academic interest in food charity, such as food banks, social supermarkets, or soup kitchens, has been increasing. Especially in the wake of the COVID crisis, the Ukraine war, and rapidly increasing inflation, these charities have become more important in view of the growing risk of poverty.

What is the current situation in different European countries? What are the national specifics regarding different welfare regimes? And what is the relation between the expansion of food charity institutions and recent welfare state transformations? Three experts in the field – Fabian Kessl, Hannah Lambie-Mumford, and Tiina Silvasti – will talk about the cases of Germany, the United Kingdom, and Finland, giving insights into ongoing developments and challenges.

Research Project Members:

Brigitte Bargetz, Markus Griesser, Jessica Gasior

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