Creating a Forgetting Internet: How to Leverage Temporal Contextual Integrity for Enabling a New Start on the Web

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien , Departments 2 D2.2.094 17:00 - 20:00

Vortrag/Diskussion Staats­preis 2016: Rese­arch Talk of WU's Award Winner Dr. Alex­ander Novotny

Rese­arch talk:

Crea­ting a Forget­ting Internet: How to Leverage Temporal Contextual Inte­grity for Enab­ling a New Start on the Web

The bound­less long-­term reten­tion of infor­ma­tion about people’s lives on the world wide web jeopar­dizes their repu­ta­tion and deprives them of a fresh start. Mr. Costeja González’ repu­ta­tion, for example, was damaged by twelve year-old news­paper arti­cles on Google attes­ting him a poor credit­wort­hi­ness (ECJ C-131/12). His case trig­gered a public discus­sion about crea­ting a “forget­ting Internet” and coun­ter­ac­ting the “age of ever­las­ting personal data reten­tion.” The presented rese­arch indi­cates that the time dimen­sion is hardly visible on the web which is endan­ge­ring people’s online repu­ta­tion. Drawing on Nissen­baum’s theory of privacy as contextual inte­grity, safe­guar­ding the “temporal contextual inte­grity” of personal infor­ma­tion online is proposed as a remedy. Ways to design temporal contextual inte­grity into web user inter­faces for making the aspect of time better visible in online biogra­phies are presented. Using these inter­faces in an expe­ri­mental study about online labor markets reveals that employers are more likely to ignore job seekers’ obso­lete repu­ta­tion and to hire them even­tually.

Short biography of Alex­ander Novotny:

Alex­ander Novotny is an infor­ma­tion privacy and secu­rity specia­list. He works as an infor­ma­tion secu­rity risk manager in the energy utili­ties industry. More­over, Alex­ander is a lecturer at the Insti­tute for Manage­ment Infor­ma­tion Systems at the Vienna Univer­sity of Econo­mics and Busi­ness.

Alex­ander’s rese­arch inte­rests focus on elec­tronic privacy and secu­rity as well as value­based and ethical system design. Rese­arch topics include the concept of time for intro­du­cing a “Forget­ting Internet” and balan­cing markets for personal infor­ma­tion with privacy.

Alex­ander holds a doctoral degree in the economic and social sciences with a major in busi­ness infor­ma­tion systems from Vienna Univer­sity of Econo­mics and Busi­ness. He is a certi­fied CIS infor­ma­tion secu­rity manager accor­ding to ISO 27001 and a certi­fied risk manager for infor­ma­tion secu­rity accor­ding to ISO 27005. More­over, he served as a stan­dar­di­za­tion expert for digital marke­ting and privacy at the Austrian Stan­dards Insti­tute. He was awarded the appre­cia­tion prize of the Austrian ministry for science and rese­arch and the Award of Excel­lence – Austrian national price for the best disser­ta­tions.


Dr. Alexander Novotny


Institut für Management Information Systems



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