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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Program Questions

Q: Can I attend the program part-time, take classes remotely or can I work part-time?
A: Our program is intended to be full-time and attendance during all lectures is obligatory. All courses are taught here in Vienna, some of them in the morning and some in the afternoon.
Q: Is there an age limit to apply for the program?
A: No.
Q: I cannot speak German. Can I still apply?
A: Since the program is completely taught in English, we also welcome applicants who cannot speak any German. Students have the option to enroll in German courses offered through WU.
Q: I want to visit WU and see what the Master’s program is like! Is this possible?
A: WU’s campus is always open for visitors. Due to very high demand, we cannot make appointments for general questions.
Q: What are my chances of being accepted to the program?
A: In the past years, we received more than 350 applications per year from all over the world for only 60 places. Therefore, admission is very competitive. 

Tuition & Costs of Living

Q: What are the tuition fees?
A: The WU Admissions Office sets the tuition fees. Please refer to the link for the most current information.
Q: Can I get a waiver of tuition fees due to my nationality, disability, etc.?
A: Please check the Admissions Office's website on tuition fees. For personal inquiries, please contact the WU Admissions Office directly via
Q: What can I expect to pay for living expenses in Vienna?
A: Here is a link with a general estimate for <link https: en programs services-for-prospective-students prospective-masters-students international-students general-informationliving-in-vienna living-expenses>living costs in Vienna. 
Q: Are any scholarships available for the program?
A: In Austria scholarships are not given by the universities, but by the state and/or independent institutions. Further information is available here.

Application: General Questions

Q: Can (or must) I apply for the program in person?
A: Applications are only accepted through the online application tool during the application period. The SCM program does not have interviews.
Q: What is the application fee?
A: There is no application fee.
Q: Is there always a third application round, or can the third application round be cancelled if all places in the program have already been taken?
A: We always reserve some spaces in the program for the last application round. However: the earlier you submit your application, the better!
Q: My professor wishes to submit a letter of recommendation directly to the program. Is this also possible?
A: Yes, although we strongly prefer for all documents to be uploaded online, we would also accept letters of recommendation sent by email to
Q: Can I submit documents or test scores later?
A: All required application documents should be submitted together and via WU’s online application tool.
Q: Can I still apply late if I missed the deadline?
A: Due to the extremely high volume of applications we receive, late applications cannot be accepted under any circumstances. Please apply by the next application deadline.

Application: Bachelor's Degree Prerequisite

Q: My university does not list credits or weekly hours for courses. What should I indicate in the Prerequisites section of the application?
A: You can provide credits/weekly hours or both in the application. If your university does not use the ECTS credit system, the courses should be indicated with local credits or academic hours instead. The conversion of local credits or academic hours into ECTS credits will be carried out at our university by the responsible assessor. For the conversion the following information is required: legally required duration of your program and overall workload of the program in academic hours and the workload for each single course in academic hours or instead the overall workload of the program in local credits and the workload for each single course in local credits. For more information, please refer to the Admission Office's webpage or contact the WU Admissions Office (
Q: What Bachelor’s degree is required as a prerequisite?
A: The Bachelor’s program must last at least 3 years (at least 180 ECTS) and must include one of the relevant subjects.
Q: What if my Bachelor’s degree does not fit into one of the categories above, but I have an MBA/Master’s in one of these categories?
A: Unfortunately, we are bound by the admissions ordinance and cannot admit a student whose Bachelor’s degree does not meet any of the criteria above, regardless of any graduate-level courses completed.

Application: English Prerequisite

Q: My Bachelor’s program was taught in English. Do I still need to submit an English certification or English test scores?
A: No, a confirmation stating the language of instruction issued by your university will be sufficient. For more information, please refer to the English requirements listed here.
Q: To what address do I send my English test score?
A: Please just upload the official score report to our online application tool.
Q: If I choose to take the IELTS exam, must I take the Academic or General IELTS?
A: Valid IELTS scores of at least 7.0 are accepted from both the IELTS Academic and General exams.
Q: I took the English Business Communication (EBC) courses at the WU. Do I still need to submit an English certification or English test scores?
A: Yes, course transcripts or confirmations about your overall language skills or certain language courses will NOT be accepted as proof of your language skills. For more information, check:
Q: Which certificates are accepted as proof of proficiency in English?A: The following certificates are accepted:
· TOEFL 100
· IELTS 7.0
· TOEIC 800
· Cambridge English: CAE (Certificate in Advanced English), CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English), BEC Higher (Business English Certificate Higher)
· UNIcert III
· A full English-taught bachelor’s program (at least 3 years) or master’s program (at least 2 years); a confirmation from the university is required to prove that the program was taught in English. Please note that only an exchange semester or year in an English speaking country or with courses taught in English is not sufficient.
· English as first language
· C1-level certificate issued by a university language center, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages The certificate has to proof that you took one or more tests to assess your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. These skills should correspond to level C1 or higher according to the CEFR.

Application: Skills & Knowledge

Q: I have not taken courses in production and/or transport and/or logistics or Logistics/Management Information Systems, etc., but have learned relevant skills through work or other experiences. Can I submit a letter of recommendation or certificate as proof of my skills?
A: Yes, if you have a certificate of service (indicating SCM related tools/methods/techniques/etc. used for your work tasks), you can use it for the Skills and Knowledge section of the online application.
Q: My courses contain relevant material (ex. about Transport, Management Information Systems, etc.) but do not have this listed in the course names. How can I prove that I have these skills?
A: A letter of recommendation from the instructor would be a good solution.
Q: So do I need 4 letters of recommendation in total?
A: No. Please see the ordinance on the selection process.
You may use letters of recommendation for the following sections:
  • *) § 5 (3) 8 „Skills and knowledge in…“ You can submit different letters for all three sections (or less, if you do not have prior knowledge in all of them) or one letter for all sections together. These letters should indicate your academic knowledge in these fields (known models, methods, techniques, …) and they are usually issued by a teacher/professor. If your transcript lists classes in these areas, it’s usually enough. It’s sufficient to upload the transcript just once in the first section required.
  • *) § 5 (3) 9 „achievement potential“ (see the next FAQ section) If you use a letter of recommendation here, it should state your academic skills (literature research, academic writing, analytical thinking, etc.). Alternatively, you can submit a GMAT or equivalent test score.

Application: Demonstrating Achievement Potential

Q: What is the minimum accepted GMAT score?
A: There is no minimum accepted score since the GMAT is not required (please see related question below).
Q: I have not/cannot take the GMAT. How else can I demonstrate achievement potential?
A: Alternatively, you may also submit an academic letter of recommendation. Such a letter, typically written by a professor or instructor, should describe your academic skills (literature research, academic writing, analytical thinking…).
Q: What are WU’s school codes to submit the GMAT?
A: Please just upload the official score report to our online application tool. You do not need to indicate WU’s school code when taking the tests.

Application: Motivation Letter

Q: Can I submit a motivation letter with my application?
A: Yes, applicants need to write and submit a motivation letter, which describes their personal reasons for pursuing our Master’s program and perhaps further explains why they consider themselves qualified applicants. A letter of motivation is required.

Admissions Decisions

Q: When can I expect an admission decision from WU?
A: Please check under the priority deadline you applied for in the WU Admissions Office's timetable.
Q: Will I also receive notification if I was not accepted?
A: Yes, all applicants will receive a decision (accepted/not accepted) from the WU Admissions Office.
Q: Can I reapply if I was not accepted?
A: Yes, you may reapply!

Acceptance & Enrollment

Q: I just received an offer of admission! How can I secure my place in the program?
A: Congratulations, welcome to the program! :) Please return your signed acceptance and transfer the security deposit within 10 days to the WU Admissions Office. More information about this process is available here.
Q: I’m an international student and would like more information about translation and legalization requirements. Who do I contact?
A: Legalization matters are handled by the WU Admissions Office (email address: Legalization requirements by country are outlined here.
Q: Now that I've reserved my place, where can I find information about enrollment and obtaining a visa to study in Vienna?
A: Please present the required original documents to the WU Admissions Office and request a visa (if required) as soon as possible, according to these guidelines.
Q: Does the SCM program have welcome events for new students?
A: Yes, we do have a Welcome Week! It's optional, but the best way to meet other incoming students! More information about the events being organized by the SCM Network will be sent out by our Mentoring Tutor after students have been selected. The Welcome Week typically takes place in the last week of September.

Career Prospects

Q: I'm an international student coming to Austria on a student visa. Am I permitted to work part-time alongside the Master's program?
A: Yes, internationals on a student visa can work part-time. More detailed information is available here on the government's official website.
Q: What are my chances to find a job in Austria as an international student?
A: Realistically, it is usually much easier to find work with at least some German skills. However, it is possible to improve your German during your studies through free courses offered by WU. Regardless of your German proficiency, the WU Career Center or our alumni network may be able to assist you in finding a job.
Q: What options are open to me to stay in Austria after graduation?
A: The Red-White-Red Card may be obtained by graduates earning a certain salary. More detailed information is available here on the government's official website.