PhD International Business Taxation 2015

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Lehr­ver­an­stal­tungen/Prüfungen ECTS
In Theo­ries and Methods (8 ECTS) mind. zwei der folgenden Lehr­ver­an­stal­tungen:
Legal Philo­sophy and Taxa­tion 4
Legal Methods in Tax Law and Inter­na­tional Public Law 4
Econo­metrics 4
Taxes and Deci­sion Making 4
In Academic Writing (7 ECTS):
Academic Writing I 6
Academic Writing II 1
In Inter­na­tional Busi­ness Taxa­tion (6 ECTS):
Inter­na­tional Busi­ness Taxa­tion 6
In Economic Psycho­logy (6 ECTS): 
Economic Psycho­logy 6
In Ethics and Taxa­tion, Tax History and Poli­tical Science and Taxa­tion (8 ECTS) mind. zwei der folgenden Lehr­ver­an­stal­tungen: 
Ethics and Taxa­tion 4
Tax History 4
Poli­tical Science and Taxa­tion 4
In Inter­na­tional Tax Policy (6 ECTS):
 Inter­na­tional Tax Policy 6
In Rese­arch Semi­nare (30 ECTS):
 Rese­arch Seminar I-Vje 6
Addi­tional Courses in Tax Treaty Law, Compa­ra­tive and Euro­pean Tax Law, Rese­arch in Tax Accoun­ting, Inter­na­tional Tax Plan­ning, Inter­na­tional Econo­mics und Public Econo­mics je 2
Nach Beur­tei­lung der Disser­ta­tion: Defensio Disser­ta­tionis 4
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