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Guest talk by Marfri Gambal on "Digital Innovation in IS Outsourcing"

12. Jänner 2022

Marfri-Jay Gambal, Aston Business School (ABS), UK

Time and place:
24 Jan 2022, 12pm to 1pm via ZOOM

Digital innovation in an IS outsourcing context: Exploring client and provider perspectives

In response to the advent of digital business environments, organisations strive to explore how they can harness the innovation potential of digital technologies to their advantage. However, doing so effectively requires access to digital resources which are only seldomly available within their own organisational boundaries. Information systems (IS) outsourcing provides an increasingly popular means to circumvent this issue, allowing organisations to gain access to their IT providers’ specialised digital resource portfolio. This presentation provides an overview of notable benefits and challenges when leveraging outsourcing for digital innovation. Empirical insights from two case studies, one of an Austrian care home acting as an IS outsourcing client, and the other of a multinational IT provider will be discussed.

Short bio:
Marfri Gambal is a visiting researcher at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. He received his PhD from Aston University and currently works as an IT business consultant in the banking sector at BearingPoint in parallel to his academic endeavours. His primary research interests are at the intersection of information systems outsourcing and digital transformation. His work has been presented at leading IS conferences, including ICIS, PACIS and SCIS, and is forthcoming in AIS Basket of Eight outlets including the Journal of Strategic Information Systems.


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