Studierende stehen vor dem LC und blicken lächelnd einer Kollegin mit einer Mappe in der Hand nach.


This webtrainer is intended primarily for the audience of "Integration Management with SAP R/3: An Introduction to Logistics and Controlling", a course held by a.o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Alexander Prosser at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

Of course, every other user who finds this webtrainer interesting is welcome to use it, providing authorship and copyright are disclosed.


The original site layout by Markus Pachernik, Stephan Schmoliner and Jürgen Tobler was developed for the Data Warehouse Webtrainer [PaST01]. It was a requirement for this project to use this very layout. The contents of the ERM and EPC theory sections were taken from previous webtrainers designed by Andreas Hohengassner [Hohe99] and Günther Aitzetmüller [Aitz00] and adapted for the use in this combined webtrainer.


Exercise Design: Farid El Masri
Site Design: Andreas Schlager
Exercise adjusted by: Gerhard Pokorny