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2021 WU Awards: Turning the spotlight on excellence


We want to give credit to the people behind WU Vienna’s outstanding research achievements

At the 2021 WU Awards ceremony, over 330 members of the WU community were honored for their innovative thinking and their far-sighted and future-oriented work. Students, teachers, and researchers have all distinguished themselves with valuable contributions to the further development of academia, the economy, and society.

WU is one of Europe’s leading business and economics universities. This is confirmed not only by WU’s triple accreditation awarded by EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA but also by top placements in international rankings for WU programs and numerous awards and distinctions. The members of the WU community deliver excellence on a daily basis – in their teaching and research. Once a year, WU presents the WU Awards to turn the spotlight on the outstanding achievements of its students, teachers, and researchers. The award winners, many of them recipients of multiple awards, have distinguished themselves through their academic curiosity, their novel approaches to teaching and knowledge transfer, and their innovative research.

Talenta: Our award for excellent theses by WU students

Together with the WU Anniversary Fund of the City of Vienna, WU presents the Talenta Awards to the authors of the year’s three best bachelor’s and master's theses. The promising theses written by our (young) researchers are highly socially relevant. They address a wide range of topics, from open data and resilience in times of crisis to the European legal system and a model for forecasting oil price developments.

Award-winning master’s theses:

  • Christoph von Aufschnaiter (WU Master’s Program in Export and Internationalization Management): “CEO Compensation Leverage and its effect on Firm Performance and Investment Decisions”

  • Maria Kattavenos (WU Master’s Program in Business Law): “Die Forumswahl im Zuständigkeitsbereich der Europäischen Staatsanwaltschaft”

  • Constantin Budin (WU Master’s Program in Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control): “Forecasting Oil Price Using Web-based Sentiment Analysis – a Test and Economic Analysis”

Award-winning bachelor’s theses:

  • Dominik Loibner (WU Bachelor’s Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences): “Crisis-Resilience of Community Housing in First Republic ‘Red Vienna’”

  • Thomas Weber (WU Bachelor’s Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences): “Open Dataset Archive (ODArchive) – Scalable Dataset Crawling with Efficient Archiving and the Investigation of Changes Between Versions.”

  • Nicole Grausam (WU Bachelor’s Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences): “Relative Performance Evaluation for CEOs: Compensation Practices in Large Oil & Gas and Chemical Firms”

Video Talenta



Award-winning teaching: The Excellent and Innovative Teaching Awards

For the Excellent Teaching Award, WU students nominate the teachers who have particularly inspired and motivated them with their enthusiasm for sharing their expertise during the previous academic year. With 4,700 nominations submitted by over 3,500 students, participation figures hit a new all-time high this time. This confirms just how important this award is and shows how much WU’s students care about the continuous development and improvement of WU’s teaching.

Recipients of the 2021 Excellent Teaching Award:

Video Excellent Teaching Award

Excellent Teaching Award


Particularly novel and creative course designs are recognized with the Innovative Teaching Award. This year’s awards focused on seamless learning formats and the design of learning settings.

Recipients of the 2021 Innovative Teaching Award:

Video Innovative Teaching Award

Innovative Teaching Award


A spotlight on research excellence

As a research institution employing over 1,600 academics, WU Vienna makes outstanding contributions to help solve the economic, social, and ecological challenges of our time, on both regional and global levels. Over 250 research papers were selected to receive an award in recognition of their trailblazing methods and results.

WU especially honored the authors of 15 publications that appeared in internationally renowned journals (on WU’s Star Journal List). In cooperation with the City of Vienna, the Best Paper Award was presented to five additional outstanding academic papers.

Recipients of the Star Journals Award:

Video Research excellence

Research excellence

Winners (part 1)

Video Research excellence

Research excellence

Winners (part 2)

Video Research excellence

Research excellence

Winners (part 3)

Video Research excellence

Research excellence

Winners (part 4)

Recipients of the 2021 Best Paper Award:

For a list of all award winners in all categories and further information about the WU Awards, you can download the following brochure:

Download brochure (PDF)
Download brochure (PDF)
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