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Miya Komori-Glatz

Dr. Miya Komori-Glatz

Dr. Miya Komori-Glatz

Senior Lecturer

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After completing my first degree in modern languages at the University of Cambridge, I moved to Austria and continued my studies at the University of Vienna, where I obtained my Mag. Phil. in Romance languages (focusing on Spanish) and then my PhD in English linguistics. During my undergraduate studies I also spent a year at the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and I was awarded a grant as part of the Dr. Maria Schaumayer Internationalisation Programme for Female Doctoral Students to spend five months at the University Complutense de Madrid in 2016.

I joined WU in 2006 and have taught English in various contexts, including as a trainer in firms. At WU, I am the EBC2 coordinator and also teach EBC3. I also offer specialised language coaching and academic proofreading. I contributed to the EBC1 Coursebook and am involved in the current EBC and Business Communication curriculum development processes.

Research Interests

My research focuses on English as a Lingua Franca in academic and business contexts. My dissertation examined how students deal with business content in peer-to-peer interaction and how they build rapport with each other to develop a miniature Community of Practice. My broader research interests include internationalisation in higher education, language and culture contact, and English language teaching.

Key Publications

2018 Komori-Glatz, Miya. 2018. Conceptualising English as a business lingua franca. European Journal of International Management 12 (1-2), 46-61.

2018 Komori-Glatz, Miya & Unterberger, Barbara. 2018. Creating the international managers of tomorrow, today? Stakeholder perspectives on English-medium business education. In: Tamah Sherman & Jiří Nekvapil (Eds.), English in Business and Commerce: Interactions and Policies. Berlin: De Gruyter, 310-334.

2017 Komori-Glatz, Miya. 2017. (B)ELF in multicultural student teamwork. Journal of English as a Lingua Franca 6 (1), 83-109.