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Fundamentals of Management Control

Manage­ment control is an approach that enables a company to produce desired results by taking action to achieve those results and by dealing with the dangers brought on by external diffi­cul­ties and the internal diffi­cul­ties of the orga­niza­tion.

In this course, students' capa­bi­li­ties will be enhanced towards a strong command of manage­ment control, a sharp eye on stra­tegic choice and execu­tion, oscil­la­ting orga­niza­tion design and a struc­tured way of dealing with future uncer­tain­ties.

Topics being discussed in the course:

  • Cost and manage­ment accoun­ting

  • Stra­tegic choice, execu­tion and control

  • Dealing with uncer­tainty