Make numbers work for you

Reasons Why:
Steep career paths in finance
Among the world’s top 20 finance programs
Excellence in statistics and R
A variety of specializations
Highly diverse student body
“WU is like Hogwarts on a spaceship”

Known for excellent academic programs and a state-of-the-art campus, WU was the first choice for Valeriia from Russia. WU’s combination of a modern ambience and overall innovative spirit with a long tradition of excellent research makes Valeriia think of Hogwarts on a spaceship. 

The master’s program

In your first year, you build up expertise in finance, microeconomics, mathematics, probability, statistics, and computing. Courses on optimization and game theory will teach you to think outside the box. You will also be trained in using the programming language R by one of its main developers.

In your second year, you specialize. You can choose the Science Track to prepare for an academic career or the Industry Track to train for a career as a quant. You will combine expertise on financial models with computational skills and apply your knowledge in real-world settings in cooperation with our corporate partners.

Program duration
4 semesters
Program type
Full-time degree program
Teaching language
ECTS Credits
  1. Admission

    You’re interested in solving complex quantitative problems and want to start a career in finance? If you like to work in intercultural teams and are not afraid to think outside the box, apply now!

    Please read our guide for applicants and make sure that you meet the admission requirements. Don’t forget to have a look at our admission timeline and note the deadlines.


  2. Program structure and content
    1. SEM.
    2. SEM.
    3. SEM.
    4. SEM.
    Mathematics 1
    Financial Markets and Instruments
    Statistics 1
    Mathematics 2
    Statistics 2
    Continuous Time Finance 1
    Principles of Finance
    Asset Pricing
    Corporate Finance
    Financial Econometrics
    Game Theory
    Option 1 – Specialization Science Track (Mandatory Courses: Paper Reading and Writing, Research Seminar I & II: Finance, StatMath + Electives: 3)
    Option 2 – Specialization Industry Track (Mandatory Courses: Industry Lab + Electives: 3)
    Master Thesis Seminar
    Master Thesis
  3. Master of Science, MSc (WU)

    With a degree in quantitative finance, you will be in high demand in the international financial job market. Our graduates typically work in risk and asset management, banking, and fintech, or make careers in consulting or research.

Make your way

of students have an international background (2019/20)
of students are female
applications per place (2019/20)
month or less until 1st job after graduation
Experiencing Campus WU

Campus WU is an excellent place to study. Students benefit from the campus’ cutting-edge technology and spectacular architectural setting while enjoying a lively urban space with many restaurants, cafés, and recreational facilities.

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Vienna, where classic meets contemporary

Vienna is known as the world’s most livable city. The second-largest German-speaking city is a pulsating metropolis with a laid-back vibe where tradition and modernity meet and blend into a perfect whole.

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Dragana Pajic, Program Manager
Dragana Pajic
Program Manager

Ask us

Do you have any further questions? As program manager, I’m here to answer any questions or requests you may have, right from the start. To get in touch, please use the online contact form or send an email to