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CEMS Alumni

The CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) is a crucial pillar of the CEMS Community. In 2019, the Community consists over 14 000 CEMS Alumni representing 108 nationalities and working in over 75 countries.

CEMS Alumni take diverse career paths, work in a range of industries like consulting, consumer goods, technology and finance and have the international profile to be able to change and adapt to change with greater ease than most. The spirit of enterprise is also evident, with many alumni going on to create their own business and with considerable success.

To facilitate close connection between students and alumni, the Student & Alumni Mentorship Programme (SAMP) was developed. Through SAMP, CEMS Alumni can share their professional and personal experience with CEMS Students and grow together.

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Note: Statistics are based on the Student and Alumni Survey conducted in 2018.

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