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Study Regulations & Credit Transfer

Areas of Responsibility

  • Conducting all proceedings in matters related to study regulations and university legislation

  • Conducting credit transfer proceedings

  • Approving individual study programs

  • Conducting nostrification proceedings

  • Awarding need- and merit-based scholarship grants

  • Concurrent enrollment for specific examinations

  • Admission to doctoral graduation ceremonies under the auspices of the federal president (promotio sub auspiciis Praesidentis rei publicae)

  • Preparing legal documents, in particular curricula, regulations and decrees

  • Assessing proposed legislation

  • Answering questions on the Universities Act (e.g. document retention obligations, use of academic degrees)

  • Answering questions on WU’s Examination Regulations (e.g. PI-type continuous assessment courses, assessment of student performance, repeat examinations)

  • Answering questions on those parts of the WU By-Laws that deal with matters related to study regulations (e.g. thesis supervision)