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Credit Transfer

During the holidays the team of Study Regulations & Credit Transfer is not available to you personally.

Please send your applications for recognition by e-mail to

If you wish an individual consultation for special requests, please make an appointment here.

Credit transfer

Please bring the following documents when submitting your application:

Please include copies of the following documents and present the originals when submitting your application:

  • Certificates issued by other institutions: Foreign documents must be legalized according to the valid regulations. (Information on legalization and translation of documents).

  • Certification of weekly hours taken or ECTS credits earned

  • Trancript that provides information on the doctoral‘s level

  • Preliminary acceptance from your supervisor

  • Confirmation of the topic of your dissertation from your supervisor

Please submit your application and the required documents to the Study Regulations Office (Study Service Center, building LC, level +2), either in person or by someone you have invested with power of attorney.

You will be notified by email at your WU email address as soon as the application has been processed and the official notification letter has been issued.

The transferred grades will appear on your transcript after you have collected the decision.

When examinations have been recognized and no further legal remedy can be applied (right to appeal waived, appeal period expired), the examinations can no longer be deleted from the record.

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