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Conferences, meetings, congresses, trade fairs … Many people have to travel on business or to attend one-time events in other cities or even countries. Events are an important economic factor in Austria, but they also consume large amounts of resources, create harmful emissions, and negatively impact our environment.

In cooperation with conference organizers and the consumer advisory organization Verein für Konsumenteninformation, the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism has developed an environmental certification for eco-conscious events, the Ecolabel for Green Meetings and Green Events.

The City of Vienna also has a program to support the organization of green events called ÖkoEvent, offering a range of services from free consulting to funding for the use of non-disposable dishes and cutlery.

Instead of producing huge piles of trash and generating additional traffic, Green Meetings, Green Events, and ÖkoEvents are characterized by being energy efficient, avoiding waste, and organizing environmentally friendly travel options for attendees.

The entire WU campus was built according to Green Building principles, and thanks to its EMAS certification, it is the ideal venue for environmentally friendly events.

You’re planning an environmentally friendly event? We’ve collected some helpful tips for you here: