Campus Management

Environmental Management

Environmental Guidelines

Protecting and conserving our natural resources through sustainable development is a high priority for WU. With its environmental management system, WU wants to contribute to the conservation of the natural resources required for human life in future generations.


Mag. Christoph Kecht
Environmental Manager
T +43-1-313 36-4906
F +43-1-313 36-904906
Mag. Gregor Bauer
Deputy Environmental Manager
T +43-1-313 36-5414
F +43-1-313 36-905414
Manfred Lauterbrunner
Environmental Cordinator
T +43-1-313 36-5009
F +43-1-313 36-905009
Ing. Christian Hütter
Deputy Environmental Cordinator
T +43-1-313 36-4831
F +43-1-313 36-904831

In cooperation with the Competence Center for Sustainability Transformation and Responsibility