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Equal Opportunities Committee

Information for university members

(academic and general university staff)

Should you have any questions, problems, etc., please feel free to get in touch with the Equal Opportunities Committee (EOC) or to stop by at our <link https: en the-university organizational-structure representative-groups equaltreatment office>office.

We accept enquiries, requests, complaints, reports, or suggestions by (individual) university members concerning matters of equal treatment.

The EOC’s primary concern is to act as an advisory body to all university members, including students, with regard to matters of equal treatment. In some cases, the EOC also assumes legal representation.

The EOC advises on the following issues:

Discrimination regarding other working conditions (§ 4 lit. 6 and § 13 para. 1 lit. 6 The Federal Equal Treatment Act)


Sexual harassment

Discrimination on the grounds of sex, ethnic origin, religion, belief, age, or sexual orientation in the course of staffing vacant positions

When does the EOC take action?

Apart from those fields of activity which by law require the EOC’s proactive engagement, there are also cases in which the EOC takes action at the request of individual university members.

At the express request of an individual, the EOC can offer support in particular situations.

Academic staff

The EOC is to be involved in procedures concerning the transfer and takeover of research assistants, and habilitations. A representative nominated by the EOC may participate in an advisory capacity in habilitation committee meetings.

Another important area of EOC involvement is that of appointments for new professorships. In the event of the establishment of an appointment committee, the EOC may participate in an advisory capacity in appointment committee meetings.

General university staff

In this case, the EOC is, among others, involved in matters concerning material amendments and the assignment of managerial positions.

Additionally, the EOC participates in evaluation committee meetings concerning positions for general university staff. The representative nominated by the EOC is a voting member of the WU’s evaluation committee.