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Equal Opportunities Committee

Information for applicants

Should you have any questions or problems relating to your application, please feel free to get in touch with the Equal Opportunities Committee (EOC) or to stop by at our <link https: en the-university organizational-structure representative-groups equaltreatment office>office.

Job interviews

Upon request, the EOC may sit in on interview sessions, including job interviews, hearings, and assessment centers.

In all types of interview settings, questions discriminating against women (e.g. concerning family planning) are to be avoided.

The evaluation of applicants may not include selection or assessment criteria linked to or supporting discriminatory gender-role stereotypes.

Employment decision

By submission of the so-called “Ausschreibungsbericht” (report on the application process), the personnel-seeking unit is to inform the EOC, in writing and by provision of the reasons for the decision made, about the prospective candidate with whom the employment contract is to be concluded.

Should the EOC have reason to believe that a university governing body’s decision reflects discrimination on the grounds of an individual’s sex, ethnic origin, religion, belief, age, or sexual orientation, it may invoke the arbitration commission within three weeks of the decision.

The arbitration commission is to decide within three months whether or not the university governing body’s decision constitutes an act of discrimination. Should this be the case, the university governing body is obliged to make a new personnel decision having regard to the legal opinion of the commission. The selection process is suspended until the ruling of the arbitration commission.