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Workplace Health Promotion

Health promotion and the focus on social issues are very important areas that contribute to raising awareness and prevention in an organization like WU and simultaneously promote the well-being and work capability of the employees:

The work of the occupational physician, Dr. Rathmayr, and his team is a fundamental part of the company's health management. Many colleagues are already taking advantage of this wide range of services.

Another important prerequisite for a good working atmosphere is the careful and respectful treatment of each other, which falls under the heading "raising awareness". We have often addressed such activities in our newsletters.

Over the past few years, WU has focused on increasing the social inclusion of different population groups. For example, activities for the integration of refugees were a focus of the Rector's Council. The increased inclusion of employees with disabilities, is equally important. This is actively discussed within the WU, which continues to advertise certain tutor vacancies exclusively for applicants with disabilities.

Maintaining the capability to work also includes, in particular, creating and supporting opportunities to take leave or time off, eg for a sabbatical.

The two Staff Councils at WU are increasingly engaging in dialogue with those responsible in the Rector's Council and the various service units in order to bring different initiatives and ideas to life. These include, for example

  • Diverse options for tailoring leave or time off to individual needs. For the existing operational agreement on sabbaticals at WU, see here.

  • Expansion of support for child-care obligations: Activities are being developed to create ever better opportunities for an academic career alongside care responsibilities. The organization of holiday care for children of WU employees was a good start in summer 2017. Information on the childcare benefits for research or conference trips can be found here.

  • Workplace integration management, which aims to support possibilities for early reintegration and workplace adjustments in the event of health restrictions. More details can be found here. This occupational reintegration management program is one of the ideas already implemented in the "Occupational Health Management" project, better known as Well-Being@WU. More information on this project can be found here.

What we would also like to inform you about:

Offers to use the sports training facilities on campus. Those can be used free of charge on Saturdays and during holidays. Information is available at theEvent Managementoffice (

As part of the "Well-Being@WU" project, you can borrow sports equipment that can be used on campus, such as table tennis bats and balls, badminton sets, volleyballs or basketballs, and frisbees, free of charge from the Academic Staff Council office. All you have to do is fill out a short user agreement form and you can start your next lunch break in a sporty way!

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