Academic Staff Council

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Representatives of interests for university staffLink
Chamber of Labour (AK)
GÖD Federal Representation 13 for academic and artistic university staff
GÖD Union of Public Services
Association of Teaching and Research Staff at Austrian Universities
Important contact points within WU regardingLink
Occupational Health Issues Occupational Health Service
Equal Opportunities Equal Opportunities Committee
Disabilities / Inclusion Disability Representatives
Special Offers for WU Employees Benefits
Other import contact points / information Link
Sozialhilfe HochschullehrerVerein "Sozialhilfe österreichischer Universitäts-und Hochschullehrer"
Occupational Employee provisionAPK infos
Tips for cutting your tax bill (AK)Cutting Your Tax Bill 2024
Labour Law (AK)Arbeitsrecht griffbereit (Sep 2023)