Studierende verweilen auf der Dachterrasse des D1

Departments und Administration

Campus WU Departmentgebäude 3

The D3 building forms the border to Prater Park and resembles an organic unit, extending around several courtyards. The building includes numerous passages, niches, terraces, atriums, and open spaces with benches that offer attractive views of the park. The AD building, on the other hand, extends along the centerline of the campus. At ground level, the two buildings have closed façades with reduced window surfaces, except for the library reading areas, the lounge in the seminar room area, and the bakery, which have fully glazed façades. The upper levels are characterized by the colored bands of the striped façade, ranging from dark orange to light beige, separated by windows. Untreated silver fir planks are mounted horizontally and vertically on the façades of both buildings, giving them a lively structure. They also provide sun protection and are a visual reference to the trees of the neighboring Prater Park.

The two parts of the complex have very different functions: Building D3 houses three Departments, four Research Institutes, the Library for Law, and seminar and project rooms. Building AD is the seat of WU's administration. The bakery located on the ground floor of the AD building offers high-quality baked goods.

The Department wing of building D3 can be accessed via a stairway located next to the library garden. The other entrance of building D3 leads to the library, which includes impressive project rooms reminiscent of colorful floating nests, and to the seminar room area. The building is as colorful on the inside as it is on the outside: The yellow of the window frames is reflected in bright wall-mounted accents, harmonizing with the building's hardwood floors. Offices and other highly frequented rooms are located along the outer walls of the building, while technical and utilities rooms are found in its inner core. The AD building also includes several conference rooms.

Key Facts

  • Architects: CRABstudio, London

  • Total floor space: approx. 20,000 m2

  • Two-part complex

  • Yellow-orange-red façade faced with wooden planks