Studierende verweilen auf der Dachterrasse des D1

Departments 2 und Student Center

Campus WU Departmentgebäude 2

Building D2 to the south is made up of two elongated, slender sections with a façade consisting of thin, overlapping layers. The façade design was inspired by French Millefeuille pastry, and gives the impression of permeability and closeness while providing privacy and dynamic perspectives. Small spaces between the building segments are ideal for meeting up and chatting, and serve as forecourts for the individual Departments. Most of the seminar and project rooms are located on the ground floor to allow for a higher level of interaction between teachers and students. The distance between the two building segments is calculated to provide the most possible natural daylight inside the buildings.

The D2 building houses Departments, Research Institutes, and a Spar supermarket. The block-like SC section contains the Sports Center with three gyms, a public day care center, and the offices of the Austrian Students' Union (ÖH). The complex also features a bookstore and a casual pub-style restaurant with a large outdoor seating area.

Key Facts

  • Architects: Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Japan

  • Total floor space: approx. 23,000 m2

  • Two building segments

  • Millefeuille façade