WU Executive Academy

The WU Executive Academy is located in the EA building at the west entrance of Campus WU. The building was designed by Spanish architects NO.MAD Arquitectos, Madrid. The EA building is a compact seven-story tower based on a mono-material design principle. The outer façade is made of glass and aluminum.

Different degrees of transparency, from opaque to completely translucent, reflect the sky and the surrounding greenery, integrating the building perfectly into its environment. The pattern of the windows appears random, but actually follows a specific algorithm. The upper levels offer spectacular views of Vienna’s city center and the nearby Prater Park.

The overall mono-material concept is carried over into the interior of the EA building, where the materials used are also kept to a minimum: Floors, wall paneling, and lighting elements throughout the building reflect this uniform design. Contrasting accents provided by additional materials, colors, and design elements highlight only a few selected areas. The core of the building houses the elevators and utility installations and forms a constant central element with a reflecting surface around which all other rooms are grouped. Untreated, seamless surfaces such as polished concrete floors and raw cement walls characterize the interior, while carpets and curtains provide warm accents in the offices, lounges, and teaching and waiting areas. Heavy curtains are used for noise reduction.

The ground floor includes a multi-purpose event venue that can be adapted to suit all kinds of events. The EA building also features a restaurant with spacious outdoor seating on the ground floor. Four levels of the building house open-plan offices, and the upper levels serve as teaching and independent study areas for WU Executive Academy students.

Key Facts

  • Architects: NO.MAD Arquitectos, Madrid

  • Total floor space: approx. 6,000 m2

  • Reflective façade