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Selected Service Learning projects & master’s theses

Please find below a list of selected SEEP Service Learning projects and master theses. Also, you can read more about WU's TALENTA award, which was won by SEEP students in 2022 and 2023!

Service Learning projects

  • Inclusive education - in cooperation with "Ich bin aktiv"

  • Eco City Vienna - in cooperation with "Schöpfwerk"

  • Circular Economy - in cooperation with "Rusz"

  • Activist network - in cooperation with "System Change not Climate Change"

  • Housing & Degrowth - in cooperation with "Degrowth Conference", "SchloR", "habiTAT"


Talenta awardees

For many years, WU has been awarding the Talenta prize to the authors of the most outstanding academic theses of the year. The award winners receive a certificate and a cash prize provided by the City of Vienna. Each year, a jury selects the three top bachelor’s and master’s theses from all nominations.

We are very proud that in 2022 and 2023 respectively we had a SEEP student’s theses being awarded - in the following section, you can read a blurb from our laureates, Sophia and Carl!

Carl Frederick Luthin, SEEP Cohort 8

EU Investment Protection Policy: Removing Barriers to Climate Policy under the European Green Deal?

The European Union and its Member States have acknowledged that international investment protection agreements (IIAs), such as the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), hinder their decarbonisation efforts under the European Green Deal (EGD). Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions in IIAs allow foreign investors to obstruct, weaken or delay policies of their host states that compromise the value of their investments.

This also applies to climate policies aiming to phase out fossil fuels. Hence, ISDS claims by foreign fossil fuel investors may critically weaken climate action. The European Commission and Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland have understood this threat and drawn the conclusion to exit the ECT.

However, several hundreds of IIAs between the EU Members States and non-EU countries still pose a risk to climate action around the globe. Most actors in EU investment policy appear to be unaware of this risk, whereas reform options for the Member States’ bilateral investment treaties (BITs) are available.

In my Master thesis, I explored how actors in EU institutions assess the interaction between investment protection and climate policy and how they intend to further develop the EU’s investment protection policy. Based on a literature review, qualitative interviews and policy documents, I compared the policymakers’ assessments and positions to evaluations and reform options discussed in the academic literature.

Master's theses

SEEP theses are generally supervised by persons currently teaching in the SEEP program, but they can also be written under the supervision of other WU professors with a Habilitation. Note that this list of selected theses changes over time as who currently teaches in SEEP fluctuates from semester to semester. Several recent SEEP staff additions who are currently supervising theses do not yet appear as supervisors on this list, for example, and many more SEEP theses have been supervised by persons not listed here.

Social movements and the struggle for environmental justice a case study of coal extraction and conservation in South AfricaRushby, ConorAsara, Vivian; Spash, Clive
Tourism and conservation: synergies and incompatibilities for sustainable development multi-level potentials and limitations in the case of CapeNature, South AfricaPrantl, Nina MarianneBärnthaler, Richard
Making radical change affordable a social practice perspective on universal basic services & universal basic income for a degrowth transformationPfau, Sven-DavidBärnthaler, Richard; Novy, Andreas
Social-ecological infrastructural configurations as satisfiers for human needs a case study of the foundational economy in Vienna-InnerfavoritenDersch, PedramBärnthaler, Richard; Novy, Andreas
Does volunteering build trust? Geographic variation in social capital in Italian regionsFulterer, RuthEssletzbichler, Jürgen
Environmental inequality and neighborhood socioeconomic change in Chicago from 1990-2010Rosemeyer, Taylor LeighEssletzbichler, Jürgen
Free rooms self-governed, non-commercial, open facilities as a way of realising the right to the city an empirical analysis of the situation in ViennaSteinberger, AndreasEssletzbichler, Jürgen
How deindustrialization and RTW policies account for changes in the US income distribution a social-spatial-institutional kernel-density decomposition study on the US between 1940 and 2000Lichtenberger, AndreasEssletzbichler, Jürgen
Covid-19 community response in the Alemao Favela, Rio de JaneiroMaia Cardozo Chaves, BrunoEssletzbichler, Jürgen
If you're the principal, who's the agent? a qualitative study on the relationships between stakeholders in U.S. study abroad programsHeatherman, ChristopherHaas, Barbara
The CSR-incentives of MNCs and their perception by employees a case study of Unilever Austria GmbHHorváth, JúliaHaas, Barbara
Labour flexibility in the Netherlands temporary employment from the worker's perspectiveClaringbould, DucoHaas, Barbara
Made in Vietnam the work-life balance of female migrant apparel workers in industrial zone settings within the border theory frameworkLai, Ho Nhat HoaHaas, Barbara
Gender differences in paid and unpaid work a study based on 2012/13 GGS-Data relating the gendered division of unpaid work to paid working time in AustriaSchredl, ClaudiaHaas, Barbara
Environmental education programs and educational learning theories a qualitative case study of the 'Umweltbildung' project in Bozen: enquiring the perspective of schoolteachersWasserman, RiccardoHaas, Barbara
Green jobs' implications on the employment rateKaduku, EmiHaas, Barbara
Microtask crowdworkers' quality of work the impact of digitalisation and the role of alienation analysed from the workers' perspectiveSchwärzler, ElisaHaas, Barbara
Local advocacy networks chances and challenges in enhancing a socio-ecological transformationBürger, Johanna Marie CharlotteHaas, Barbara
Labor market integration of refugee women a Bourdieusian analysis of the challengesEberharter, Anja SilveriaHaas, Barbara
Walking the talk chances and risks of operationalizing the corporate purpose through a bottom-up approach = Walking the talk : Chancen und Risiken einer Operationalisierung des Unternehmenszwecks durch einen Bottom-up-AnsatzBarnert López-Tello, Otto LuisHaas, Barbara
Gendered mental labour and its manageability for non-traditional parental couples with young children in Austria = Geschlechtsspezifische mentale Arbeit und ihre Bewältigbarkeit für nicht-traditionelle Elternpaare mit jungen Kindern in ÖsterreichMair, Nadine VeraHaas, Barbara
New forms of precarious employment qualitative insights from expert interviews on high-skilled online platform labourHennig, MaybrittHaas, Barbara
Barriers to fully integrating education for sustainable development into Ukrainian higher education a case studyZhmudska, DanaHaas, Barbara
Inner transformation as a leverage point for social-ecological transformationVolk, EmilyHaas, Barbara
In it for the long haul: factors contributing to long-term climate activism for youth and young adults in AustriaÖker, Selin CordulaHaas, Barbara
Men, unpaid work and the reduction of normal working time what influence does a reduction of normal working time have on men's uptake of unpaid work and why do gender ideologies matter?Pepper, Katharina MagdalenaHaas, Barbara
Social capital of Afghan and Syrian refugees in Austria a gender-sensitive analysisHeyne, Sophia VeronicaKohlenberger, Judith; Schneider, Ulrike
Ecuador's citizens' revolution: powered by oil extraction? regulationist perspectives on the (neo)extractivist mode of developmentDengler, CorinnaLang, MiriamNovy, Andreas
Not for sale a social ecological economics perspective on cooperative housing as a transformative social innovation in the NetherlandsDe Hoop, MarkMadner, Verena
Environmental protection in European trade agreementsSchraml, PascalMadner, Verena
Visions of peace negotiation, compromise, and synthesis in the Colombian conflict and the 2012-2016 peace processVillarreal, AndreasMadner, Verena
Strategic selectivity in the CETA negotiationsElend, TanjaMadner, Verena
Conceptualizing power in the context of climate change a multi-theoretical perspective on structure, agency & power relationsStör, LorenzNovy, Andreas
Innovative strategies of Austrian employee representatives towards sustainable energy policiesTheine, HendrikNovy, Andreas
Assessing the biophysical elements of a 'paradise' a case study on Boracay Island, Philippines applying MuSIASEM and the perspective of Socio-Ecological Economics and PolicyToledo, Nissa Marie M.Novy, Andreas
Reconceptualizing circular economy? the case of Reparatur- und Servicezentrum (R.U.S.Z.) ViennaKiegerl, ElisabethNovy, Andreas
The cost of climate (in)action critical discourse analysis: the presentation of climate change in Austrian mediaPanhuber, Lisa TaminaNovy, Andreas
Economic liberalizations and their effect on individualization processes the case of Abenomics in JapanBrandt, YannickNovy, Andreas
Participation and empowerment for social cohesion the case of Vielfalter = Partizipation und Empowerment für Soziale Kohäsion : Fallstudie VielfalterWeinzierl, CarlaNovy, Andreas
Is social empowerment through the European energy transition a pipe dream?Szabo, JohnNovy, Andreas
Reconceptualizing urban agriculture exploring D-Town Farm's relations to racialized capital accumulationAigner, ErnestNovy, Andreas
Climate change communication a critical discourse analysis using Chinese language newspapersLuo, AnranNovy, Andreas
Fuel poverty in Vienna developing a framework for interpreting different dimensions of environmental justiceWerner, Andrea JohannaNovy, Andreas
Buen Vivir in Ecuador exploring the self-understanding of competing discoursesLinder, SebastianNovy, Andreas
The transformation of forms and modes of living a power sensitive comparative analysisReiß, MichaelNovy, Andreas
"Just transition" or obliteration? The struggle of trade unions in the United Kingdom to respond to the need for long-term socio-ecological developmentKreinin, HallikiNovy, Andreas
The myth of political reason the moral and emotional foundations of political cognition and US politicsWilson, RyanNovy, Andreas
Betting on shelter the political economy of financialised housing provision in ViennaStadelmann, BasilNovy, Andreas
Potentials of the foundational economy at the Untere Fußgängerzone der FavoritenstraßeKamtner, VerenaNovy, Andreas
Transformative economics on both sides of the Atlantic new economy movement and degrowth movementBarlow, NathanielNovy, Andreas
Potentials of the foundational economy in Vienna the case of Johann-Nepomuk-Vogl-PlatzFrey, IrisNovy, Andreas
Karl Polanyi and housing elements of a new research program for foundational provisioning in citiesVolmary, Hans HeinrichNovy, Andreas
Cognitive processes of higher-order in higher education evaluating assessment methods, learning outcomes and students' perception of "Sustainable economics and business 1", a bachelor course at WUPrieler, MagdalenaNovy, Andreas
Contested just transition strategies a case study of the Austrian Airlines workforceChmel, Philipp ManuelNovy, Andreas
A socio-ecological proposal for the economic interventions after the pandemic contemporary issues, resulting challenges and the contribution of foundational economy to face them while building a better futureLipparini, MatteoNovy, Andreas
Affordable housing in the city of Munich a historical analysis of achievements and limitationsBraun, Sebastian KarlNovy, Andreas
Who raises land prices? An analysis of institutions and ownership structures impacting residential building land in ViennaMüller, Hannah LuciaNovy, Andreas
An emergency for democracy - a case study on the democratic backsliding amid the COVID-19 crisis in HungaryVankó, LiliNovy, Andreas; Asara, Viviana
Towards a public policy strategy for social-ecological transformationSchulken, Merle CamillaNovy, Andreas; Cahen-Fourot, Louison
Inequalities in the access to healthcare in BulgariaDimitrova, AsyaÖsterle, August
Waiting times for non-emergency medical interventions in Austria on the causes and potenial solutions for inadequate waiting timesHüttenbrenner, DeniseÖsterle, August
Stratified membership healthcare access for urban refugees in TurkeySpahl, Wanda AnitaÖsterle, August
The impact of austerity policies in the European Union on the privatization of health care provision the case of GreeceDokova, Mariya StoyanovaÖsterle, August
Care allowances in the Taiwanese long-term care systemDing, Tz-ChianÖsterle, August
Homo sovieticus: the lost generation of homeless Polish in ViennaKowalska vel Kowalczyk, NinaÖsterle, August
Working conditions in residential long-term care facilities in Austria, Germany and Sweden: a capability approach towards health implications for care workers and residentsDallinger, Franziska LuzieÖsterle, August
Assessing the implementation of the Vienna drug strategy in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of adolescents and young adults according to the international standardsUhl, AliceÖsterle, August
Environmental concern and medium-distance transport mode choice in Europe the use of overnight trainsBuh, Brian MatthewPeer, Stefanie
Promoting pedalling a comparative case study of cycling policies in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and ViennaDausendschön, AlinaPeer, Stefanie
Exploring a social innovation for solidarity, social inclusion, civil empowerment, and convivialityReitberger, HannesRammel, Christian
Stakeholder inclusion in decision-making processes with sustainability aspectsSchwarz, AnnaRammel, Christian
Addressing livestock-related climate change through institutional changes to dining areas sequential mixed-methods frame analysis of student thought for communication strategiesLewitus, Evan CharlesRammel, Christian
Human well-being and the valuation of natural capitalMiranda de Melo Franco, FabianoRammel, Christian
Community currencies in Austria motivations and potential to induce changeFaulkner, FionaRammel, Christian
Design thinking for sustainability-driven entrepreneurshipLindermuth, Alina MariaRammel, Christian
Will blocks do good? Potential blockchain contributions toward the sustainable development goalsTakada, Kota ThomasRammel, Christian
Social entrepreneurship in Hungary a tool to facilitate the social and labor market integration of youths leaving the state care systemGyöri, Dorottya IrénRammel, Christian
Examining the role of intrapreneurship in reaching corporate sustainabilitySchumacher, MariaRammel, Christian
Künstliche Intelligenz und Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: ein Paradoxon? Potentiale und Risiken des Einsatzes von KI-Systemen in der Hochschulbildung und die Bedeutung für Bildung für nachhaltige EntwicklungBirkelbach, LauraRammel, Christian
Does neighborhood ethnic diversity affect collective efficacy among residents? a case study for selected neighborhoods in Phoenix, ArizonaWeiss, SabineSchneider, Ulrike
An explorative analysis of asylum seekers' attitudes towards gender equality using an intersectional perspectiveHörtner, CorneliaSchneider, Ulrike
Ethnic and religious discrimination in the Austrian labor market: a field experiment approach the case of female job applicants with Turkish ethnicity in the Viennese gastronomy sectorRiedler, KathrinSchneider, Ulrike
What are the driving factors of business expansion through franchising for the U.S.-based senior home care companies? case study: the U.S.-based senior home care franchisorsZenina, Liliya VladimirovnaSchneider, Ulrike
Ethnic discrimination on the Viennese private rental market evidence from a field experiment on the internetScherbaum, ChristinSchneider, Ulrike
Age discrimination within Austrian private recruitment agenciesJensen, Line MøllerSchneider, Ulrike
Accessibility to internships at international, non-profit, and/or non-governmental organizations: experiences and perspectives of young professionals and employersAvanessian, EllaSchneider, Ulrike
Reconceptualising global public goods in the context of biodiversity a transformation perspective on the global political economy of public goods provisionBettin, SteffenScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
Building a generic framework for global land use modelling combining agent-based and cellular-automaton modelling techniquesYowargana, PingScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
Sustainability in practice reassembling the behaviour of companiesHalla, Pekka JaakkoScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
The political economy of sustainable palm oil the institutional impact of the european union's renewable energy directive on the governance of palm oil in IndonesiaKorpar, NikoScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
Transitioning towards sustainable food waste systems the role of every-day food-waste practices for a successful implementation of Vermont's Universal Recycling and Composting lawKasa, TimeaScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
Political-economic analysis of agent-based multi-regional models extractivism and implications for work, capital and the environmentGerdes, LenaScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
Homeownership and the U.S. housing market theory, empirics and an agent-based modelSentinella, RichardScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
Agent-based macroeconomics reconstructing, disaggregating and extending the stock-flow consistent approach with focus on monetary aspectsEllmeyer, DavidScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
Blockchain and value an analysis of blockchain technology and its value implications for societyEngel, Thijs <van den>&gt;</van>Scholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
The myth of the autonomous consumerSpinner, MarcelScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
Technological revelations: the evolution of technology with a case study of space technologiesPatil, PratikScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
21st century water withdrawal decoupling a pathway to a more water-wise world?Dalstein, FelixScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
Overcoming the carbon lock-in review and analysis of existing models and policies for the energy transitionLaa, ElisabethScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
The role of energy regimes in capitalist development an evolutionary political economy approachKoller, TheoScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
The spatio-temporal organization of digital labor in the platform economySchneider, Justus Frederik FlorentinScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
The web of commons theorising towards non-modern realitiesDörrie, Hans LukasScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
Digital degrowth technology: an analysis of blockchain technologyPérez Delgado, Victor DanielScholz-Wäckerle, Manuel
Exploring the foundations underpinning the economisation and securitisation of climate change a critical realist perspective on the Paris Agreement of UNFCCC COP21West, StuartSpash, Clive
Critical assessment of 'new conservationism' an Austrian case studySchneider, NinaSpash, Clive
The role of altruism in the market economy are social businesses a new manifestation of a polanyian double movement?Wagner, GerhardSpash, Clive
Resonance and sufficiency: the cultural conditions for a social-ecological transformation towards a post-growth society an empirical case study of pioneering organizationsKoch, FlorianSpash, Clive
Questioning the status quo how non-growing companies succeed in a growth-driven economyJuschten, MariaSpash, Clive L.
Governance of marine plastic pollution a critical appraisal of policy responses from a social ecological economics perspectiveGattringer, Clemens W.Spash, Clive L.
Working time reduction and sustainable lifestyle a critical realist perspectiveLangsenlehner, MariaSpash, Clive L.
Understanding the gender-environment interface using a critical realist approach an Austrian case studyDeutsch, LisaSpash, Clive L.
The potenitalities for and barriers to eco-social shipping enterprises a critical and realist approach to social ecological transformationMayer, Gottfried FranzSpash, Clive L.
Rethinking freedom in the age of neoliberalism a critical and realist analysisWindegger, FelixSpash, Clive L.
Airport expansion and social ecological conflicts a critical realist analysis of the third runway at Vienna airportAustaller, MonikaSpash, Clive L.
The transformative potential of ecovillages as a counter-hegemonic narrative to the imperial mode of livingHausmann, RomanSpash, Clive L.
The transformative potential of social enterprises under a critical realist approachEconomou, Iliana ParaskeviSpash, Clive L.
Sustainable work in the United Kingdom does the UK provide a role model for the transition to a sustainable economy? = Nachhaltige Arbeit im Vereinigten KönigreichCurnow, BenStagl, Sigird
What are the factors for diffusion of photovoltaic panel systems among Austrian households a market and behavioural analysis of photovoltaic panels distribution in AustriaPavlov, AndonStagl, Sigrid
Vienna's GHG emissions from a production vs. consumption-based accounting perspective a comparative analysis = Wiens Treibhausgasemissionen aus zwei Perspektiven : ein Vergleich der produktions- und konsumbasierten BilanzierungsmethodeSchmid, FlorianStagl, Sigrid
Rainwater capturing in Mexico City the adoption of the social practiceSwenson, Anteo NacxitStagl, Sigrid
Understanding sustainable food consumption through a lens of social practice a case study in Vienna's 16th district, OttakringScheller, HeleneStagl, Sigrid
Electricity access & sustainable livelihoods a mixed-method study of agrarian households in Kisii County, KenyaBoucher, Daniel J.Stagl, Sigrid
The role of community energy in the transition towards renewables in the UK a multi-level perspectiveOberascher, TeresaStagl, Sigrid
Scaling up initiatives: how initiatives can contribute to transformational change a qualitative study using the example of UrbanFoodSpots: food for thoughtHendrich, AlineStagl, Sigrid
The Swiss people's initiative for food sovereignty and its underlying discourseBrun, MartinaStagl, Sigrid
Sustainable consumption and the practice of food acqusition a participatory approach to envisioning new futures of food acquisitionWare, SarahStagl, Sigrid
Designing an effective carbon tax a socio-ecological economic evaluation of the carbon tax policy in FranceSchuchardt, Marcel FrédéricStagl, Sigrid
Integrated assessment of the belt and road initiative projects in the South CaucasusMitrofanenko, AlexanderStagl, Sigrid
The impact of public food procurement on sustainable food production a case study of ViennaGrohs, Julia DoritStagl, Sigrid
Intention of the Viennese population to consume mainly organic foodKunz, Julian JacobStagl, Sigrid
Cut the carbon, strengthen the community governance structures in Austrian mobility projectsLindemann, Tobias KurtStagl, Sigrid
Recovery from mayhem implementing capabilities approach in rebuilding damaged economies and societiesSadeq, AyhamStagl, Sigrid

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