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Frequently Asked Questions

Watch the last infosession from the WU Master`s Day in November 2020

Is this program thought out for people with technical backgrounds or people with a business/economics background?

How many places will be open next year?

What are the requirements for this program?

Is it possible to apply to this program without proof of English competence? Which certificates are sufficient?

Which IT skills do I already need to have before starting the program?

Will there be an entry test?

What are the fees for this program?

Is there a chance to study online at WU?

Is it possible to work and study, while attending this program?

Will you require a GMAT score? Do you recommend to pass the GMAT exam instead of obtaining letters of recommendation? Which is perceived to be ranked higher?

Is this program available for non-EU students?

Can I apply if I haven’t finished my bachelor’s degree, yet?

Is there a difference in applying regarding the three deadlines?

Do you offer an exchange semester abroad?