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CEMS Corporate Partners

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CEMS Corporate & Social Partnership is an exclusive academic-corporate partnership based on a diverse group of corporate and social partners contributing to the Alliance and its MIM program and benefiting from privileged access to a global pool of top talent from the world’s leading business schools. Since its foundation, CEMS has forged partnerships with leading companies that share a strong local, national and international reputation and an interest in the development of international management education and recruitment. The partnership structure enables our Corporate & Social Partners to contribute actively and benefit widely on a variety of fronts within the network:

  • Recruiting and branding targeting CEMS students, graduates and alumni

  • Interacting with top students through CEMS MIM curriculum activities

  • Networking and benchmarking with HR, corporate relations and career services professionals across the community

  • Contributing to the strategic orientation and management of the alliance

Since the beginning of 2017 zeb has been proud to call itself an official CEMS Corporate Partner. Looking back, our time as Corporate Partner was a tremendous success. We regularly offer skill seminars, participate repeatedly in the Rotation Dinner, CEMS Club Vienna Summer Challenge, DACH Forum, Career Forum and in the admission interview process. Moreover, we have developed several business projects together with many remarkable CEMS students and have held several guest talks in different courses. Looking ahead, we aim to stay just as active in our cooperation with CEMS as ever! What makes us especially happy is that we have welcomed eight CEMS students as permanent employees and five students as interns in the Vienna office over the past 2,5 years. We look forward to welcoming even more CEMSies to our “”. We take great pride in being part of the CEMS program and accompanying many of you during your CEMS semesters at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Thank you to all the talented and ambitious CEMS students we have met these past years who have made our official corporate partnership an amazing and incredibly fun experience. We look forward to many more events to come! Yours,

zeb, WU CEMS Core Corporate Partner

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