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Career Development Program for Postdocs Tenure-Track

Quo vadis postdoc?

As an assistant professor with a qualification or development agreement (QA/DA), you already know what you are expected to achieve over the coming years in terms of research, teaching, and administration in order to be given a permanent contract as an associate professor at WU. The Career Development program is intended to help you reach your targets in these three areas and to provide a solid foundation for your future role as an associate professor.

The program also focuses on the following aspects to provide the best possible support for you in your academic career:

  • Individual questions about your qualification phase and further steps in your academic career

  • Building peer networks

  • Establishing contact with key WU faculty and staff members to provide a better insight into WU’s goals, strategies, and decision-making processes

  • Learning about structures and career-related processes in academia

  • Creating awareness for relevant, interdisciplinary skill areas and topics

  • Professionalization of application-related skills

Target group

What can the program do for you?

Available Career Development modules at a glance

When you meet with the Personnel Development representative, you will put together your own, individual career development package that can include the following modules:


Individual Coaching



How do I Participate?

I. As soon as you have entered into a qualification or development agreement (QA/DA) and this agreement has taken effect, the Personnel Planning and Development Office will invite you to the next program start. At the annual information session – to which you will be invited by e-Mail – we will present the program in detail. If you then decide to participate in the program, you will meet with a representative of the Personnel Development Office for a personal consultation.

II. At your personal consultation, you will again be given general information about the program, what it’s all about and how it’s organized, and an overview of available coaches. We will go over all the options and individual offers the program provides and discuss your individual needs. After this exchange, we will put together your individual Career Development package.

III. Your further participation in the program is then mainly self-organized. In addition to the regularly scheduled peercoaching sessions, you have the option of attending

  • ExpertTalks organized by you and your peer group

  • Individual career coaching (up to six 60-minute sessions)

  • Application seminars and other selected workshops

IV. You will be issued a confirmation of successful participation after completion of the program. To receive your confirmation, you need to have attended the agreed-upon program elements, and we ask you to assist us with our quality control by joining us for a brief final evaluation.

What do you have to do for the program?

Participation fees

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