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In blended courses, 30-50% of the scheduled contact hours do not take place synchronously in presence or hybrid, but asynchronously online or synchronously online.

All participants are expected to attend the announced contact hours at WU or online. For the synchronous phases, the general conditions of the respective course delivery format apply. For the asynchronous phases, the general conditions listed below apply.

The asynchronous online phases replace synchronous contact hours. To promote student learning during this time as well, guided student learning activities should be planned for these phases (e.g., assignments, work instructions) as well as opportunities for students to ask questions, and students should receive feedback on the learning activities and thus their learning progress. These learning activities are intended to promote student learning progress and prepare for the assessment(s), but are not themselves assessed and are not part of the cumulative grade. Thus, they are in addition to the (partial) performance for assessment, which may take place during the same time period, but are clearly separated from the learning activities. However, completion of the learning activities is a prerequisite for positive completion of the course, as part of fulfilling the attendance requirement.

Asynchronous online phases as guided self-learning phases


Organization and infrastructure for asynchronous online phases


If I announce fewer course units on-campus and have an asynchronous online period instead, will this affect how I fulfill my teaching load?

I have set a reduced attendance requirement for my course, does this affect the asynchronous online phase and the number of learning activities?

My course has no mandatory attendance (LVP) and students would not have to do the learning activities, is there another incentive for them?

What digital tools can I use for questions during the self-study phases?

For tips on how to implement digital teaching in blended courses, visit the Digital Teaching website (currently only available in German).