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In hybrid courses, all scheduled contact hours take place in class and all are additionally streamed synchronously online. All participants are expected to attend on the announced dates at WU or online.

Hybrid courses can be held in two forms. This is to be indicated in the course announcement (at notes in Rooms) in order to get - if possible - the appropriate infrastructure:

All classrooms at WU suitable, some without camera; Microphone rental via IT Service Desk

Unidirectional hybrid teachingBidirectional hybrid teaching
no to little interaction with/between students; questions via chata lot of interaction between students/with teachers
Large number of participants possible (up to 1,000 online)Recommendation: Max. 120 participants in total
All classrooms at WU suitable, some with camera; Microphone and webcam rental via IT Service DeskSpecially equipped classrooms in the TC: All 30s & 60s with ceiling microphones; 13 of them additionally with tracking cameras

Hybrid courses can be digitally enriched and a small proportion of the contact hours (up to approx. 20%) can be held in a different, synchronous format (online, presence), if this is reasonable for students. For example, participants in WU's international cooperations who do not live in Vienna cannot be expected to be present. This also applies to assessments.

The number of participants in hybrid courses can deviate from the available classroom capacity if not all participants are in the classroom at the same time. “Overbooking” of classrooms is not possible for fire safety reasons; teachers must ensure this for their courses.

Digital tools for synchronous hybrid teaching at WU


Infrastructure unidirectional hybrid teaching


Infrastructure bidirectional hybrid teaching


I do not want to hold some course units on-campus, can I still choose this format?

How can I organize the type of participation especially if I have more participants than there is room for in the classroom?

How can I check online the fulfillment of the attendance requirement?

Can I also use digital tools and learning materials?

For tips on how to implement digital teaching in hybrid courses, visit the Digital Teaching website (currently only available in German).